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Graduation and Farewell Party

Week 7/8, Venue TBC

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For hangouts, makan, lobang, selling stuff, inviting people to your event, discussions, etc. Don't say bo jio!
For official communications from the S@S committee and forwarded communications from the gah-men.


2018-2019 Committee:

Front row: Ying Hang Seah (Vice President), Peicun Jiang, Zhenqi Hu (Co-President), Michelle Julia (Co-President). Back row: Richard Heru, Kelly-Ann Lee (Financial Officer), Nicole Aw, Joel Dominic, Jiarui Sun (Vice President). Not in Photo: Megha Parwani (Vice President)


Frosh Guide
The S@S Frosh Guide is an unofficial guide to Stanford, written by current and previous Stanford Singaporean undergrads, that contains useful information on the logistics of Stanford life.
Grad Guide
The S@S Grad Students' Guide is a supplement that provides additional information for incoming grad students.
Last updated Apr 2018 (Alan Aw)!